Thursday, 8 March 2012


I'm so late with the post cause I've been so busy. but here's for last weekend:

The weekend was great. Friday, my brothers were working at someones house, doing sanding, painting, varnishing window frames etc. They really enjoyed that, but was most exhausted. I was just doing what i usually do, witch is school work. And my daddy was working alone in the office. I think he kinda missed having Matthew and Mark around. Saturdays, I wake up at 6:30am and get ready to go to music school (AAM). My violin lesson starts at 8:30am until 9am. Then at 9:30am i have my flute lesson until 10am. then at 10am i have to play the violin orchestra until 12pm. and straight after that at 12pm i have to play in another orchestra until 2pm. Then i come home to rest and have lunch. On Sunday my family and i went to our friends (the Young family) to watch a movie that my friends Evangel made. It took a whole three years to make. and the movie was awesome! Other families were at their house to watch aswel. It was a good time for bonding and meeting new friends. Saturday was every enjoyable:) Sunday was the same as always. Go to church, come home, have lunch, and go to gran (my gran lives a few roads away from our house), have snacks and drinks there, and maybe watch a movie. Then we come home, and prepare for another week. Starting off with a Busy Monday...

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