Thursday, 1 March 2012

Busy Modays!

Today is Monday. Most people hate Mondays. But in my family, Monday is a good day to try and learn new things that we can apply to the rest of the week. For me Mondays are awesome! Cause after my school work is done, I give piano lessons to the children in my mommy's preschool (which is right next to our house). I really enjoy the lessons, although at times it could get very tiring. Like when the child wants to tell me about their new shoes or what they done that weekend. Sometime their stories can be very.....interesting to listen to. Like this one girl Hannah told me about this dream she had. It was about a huge dinosaur trying to eat her! I forgot what happened next, but i remember at the end of this frightening nightmare, Hannah and the huge dinosaur were best buddies. and they lived happily ever after. Now that was cute! Anyway...After giving piano lessons to those sweet children, My brothers and I go to Music Theory class at the army base. Just picture this: Matthew, Mark and myself (as homeschoolers) in casual clothes, sitting with all these MS-D's with army uniforms on! It's quite a sight! We have a lovely/passionate/crazy theory teacher. She lets us learn music in a fun way. Such as letting us dance to the music, stumping our feet and clapping our hands to the beat! And just to joke about the pronunciations of the musical terms (such as "Acciaccatura" ha ha!). Theory class is most fun! My brothers and I enjoy every second of it:) Being home schooled doesn't mean that we have no excitement in our lives, it just means that we are more protected! I mean...Just take a look at my Monday (the day that most people hate so much). Now that's a LOT of excitement! And I'm sooo grateful to share it with awesome family and friends:)

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