Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fast Week

Wow! What a fast week this has been! I wanted to catch up on all the days I missed (Tuesday & Wednesday. But I just couldn't find the time! Anyway...I'll just have to write about Thursday then. OK...Well my Thursday started off with school, then writing about Monday for my blog. After that i had lunch (12pm). But the funny thing is that i cant remember what i ate. How sad huh? Anyway, after this mysterious lunch, I had to practice playing the piano for my up coming piano lesson (which is at 2pm). I haven't practiced for this WHOLE WEEK. Shhh!!! Don't tell my piano teacher! That's more sad than not remembering what i ate for lunch. Oh well! When my piano teacher (Judy) came, I gave her some accompaniment pieces for my violin exam which is coming up in may sometime. I asked her if we could practice playing together, since playing solo and playing with the piano is totally different (It's much more confusing with the piano playing as well). And so we practiced, and the piece sounded A-MAZ-ING! (if i have to say so myself). Judy said that she could just play that piece forever. and i felt the exact same way. But we already practiced for an half hour:( Oh well! After my piano lesson, I go to chamber choir and then to normal choir straight after that (yes, this is the home school choir:)) After choir my mommy and i go to the shop to buy a few things for supper. We went to my grandparents house that evening to share supper with them. We had steamed chicken (just the way i like it), crispy potatoes, hot rice and baked beans. That was a very tasty supper. After awhile spent at my grans, we went house and started tiding up all the rooms, and preparing for tomorrow. Such as laying out clothing, writing in diaries, showering and so forth. When finished with that we all come together in the lounge and do our family Bible study. Then by 10pm, we should all be in bed___asleep, Zzz! Thursday was most lovely!

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