Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday i when to the music school to have my violin lesson. Then i went to grand west to meet my Bestie Avonlea and then went back to the music school for orchestra practice. After orchestra practice Ave and i went back to grand west, to the ice skating arena. I really wanted to try out my new white figure skates (hoping to get lessons too). While there, i bought Ave some hot chips and a milkshake. We really enjoyed ourselves, but the enjoyment didn't end there... later that evening we went to our friend Oliver’s house for a braai. That was quite fun:) when we finely came home, Ave and i watched pirates of the Caribbean 1. It was sooo hot that night that we had the fan on the max wind almost the whole night through (oh, and we had a tall bottle of water). Half way through the movie i fell asleep, but Ave was so interested in the movie that she watched the whole movie until the end. I think she went to bed at about...12 or 1am. The next morning, i woke up early to shower and get dressed for church. Ave woke up a little late but got done very fast with time to spare:) Had breakfast, and off to church we went! After church we went to a restaurant to have lunch and then went to roads memorial for the rest of the afternoon until Avonlea had to go home. After Ave went home, we had to drop Matthew and Mark at our friend Richard’s house cause they were going to a home school camp with him. So they went today... and they are coming back on Tuesday. The house is gonna be very quite now with them gone.
We have a theory class tomorrow and they aren't gonna be there to do the tests and homework! ONLY ME! Uuuuunfair! Oh well, in a way, i kinda enjoy it:) Its just that last week our theory teacher said that we are getting too little homework, so she gave us stacks to finish before tomorrow! I'm not done with all of it yet though. GOT to finish it before 1pm tomorrow. I better get started!


  1. Heheheheheh hohoho hahahahaha


    1. Hehe! It's good to hear from you again Matty:)
      We should Skype soon:)